Creating Canvas Users (Faculty Only) | Manual Entry

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 Creating the Canvas User

  • First, copy the newly created email and enter Canvas:
  • Click "Admin" via Canvas "Global Navigation"
  • Left-hand side
  • Select our "Proximity Learning" account


  • Click "People"
  • Click "+ People"


  • Enter the Nomenclature for "Full Name"
    • First & last Name, School District
    • Populates automatically
  • Confirm that Lines 1-3 are commensurate
  • Paste "" email
  • Leave blank per Kimono Partnership
  • Always leave checked to send account details
  • Click "Add User"



Enrolling the Canvas User

*Always add new Faculty to our "Teacher Training Course*

  • Pivot back to "Admin" and click "Proximity Learning"
  • Click "Courses"
  • Search for "Teacher Training"
  • Click the Course Title for access
  • SHORTCUT: Enroll yourself in the Teacher Training Course
  • Allowing the same course access via our "Dashboard"


  • Click the "People" Tab
  • "Course Navigation"
  • Click "+ People"


  • Select either "Email Address" or "Login ID"
  • Paste the respective email address(es)
  • Designate a "Role"
  • Always a student in the Training Course
  • Check "Can only interact..."
  • Click "Next"


  • Confirm that our details are satisfactory first and then click "Add User(s)"NewCanvasUser7.jpg

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