Updating the Chrome OS (Clearing Cache/Cookies) | Faulty Canvas Dashboard

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Canvas Dashboard look Unordinary?!

*Large Icons/Troublesome Navigation*


Refining Operations

  • Update the Chrome OS/Browser
  • Clear the Cookies & Cache

*Updating Chrome*

  1. Click the "" button
  2. Hover over "Help"
  3. Click "About Chrome"
    1. "Google Chrome is Up to Date" is our ideal status
      1. If not, "Check for and apply updates"



*Clearing the Cache & Cookies*

  • Keyboard Shortcut(Ctrl+Shift+Del)
    1. Scenic Route: Click the "" button(Upper-right) of Chrome
    2. Hover over "History"
      1. Keyboard Shortcut: Crtl+H
    3. Click on "History"


<Clear Browsing Data>


  1. Adjust the "Time Range" to "All Time," ideally(Apply discretion)
  2. Ensure that both "Cookies" and "Cache" are checked
  3. Click on "Clear Data"


*Don't be alarmed as we're logged out to reflect the updates*


Reporting Persistent Trouble

*Log back in to detect success or persistent issues*


<Video with Closed Captioning Coming Soon>

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