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Activating the New Gmail

*Signing in*


  • Click the Settings() button
    • Upper-Right
  • Click Try the New Proximity Learning Mail
    • Interested in reverting back, the same process from above but click "Go back to the classic Gmail"



What's New in Gmail?

  • New email features
    • Organize emails from our "Inbox"
      • Hover over unopened messages and click an icon to archive, delete, mark as unread (or read), or snooze messages


Archive Archive

Delete Delete

Mark as unread Unread or read Read

Snooze Snooze


  • Snooze emails until later
    • Postpone emails and temporarily remove them from our inbox until needed
    • Note: If we choose Someday, our emails stay in the "Snoozed" folder until moved back to our "inbox"


*Finding Snoozed Emails*

  • Go to the Menu(Menu)
  • Select Snoozed


  • Use suggested replies and follow-ups
    • Quickly reply to emails leveraging phrases that appear based on the message, received


  • Work offline in Gmail
    • Without internet access, we can read, write, search, delete, and label email messages using Gmail offline
      • Later, when a connection is available, Gmail automatically updates and sends messages in our outbox and downloads updates from the server
    • To work offline in Gmail, we need the latest version of the Chrome browser, version 61 or later
    • Note: Keep Gmail open in only one tab for offline capabilities to work properly

*Enabling Gmail Offline*

  • From your inbox, choose Settings and then Settings.
  • Click the Offline tab
  • Check the Enable offline mailbox
  • Under Security, select one of the following to indicate how to handle offline content when you sign out of your Google account
  • Keep offline data on my computer. Data stored on our device will not be deleted when signing out of our Google account or when changing your password
    • To delete account data from our device disable offline mail and save changes
  • Remove offline data from my computer. Data needs to be resynced to our computer when signed back into
    • It may take a few hours to resync the mailbox


  • New inbox features
    • Expand or shrink our inbox view
      • Change how spacious or compact we want our inbox view.
      • Click Settings Settingsand then Display density
        • Tip: If we choose Default, we'll see previews of attachments from our "inbox"


  • Show or hide our menu
    • To make room for previewing our emails, we can expand or shrink our inbox view by clicking Menu(Menu)


  • Edit labels & categories
    • We can now edit labels and categories directly from the Menu(Menu).
      • Scroll to the label or category we want to change, then click Settings(Settings)


  • View Calendar, Tasks, Keep & Add-ons(One Window/Same Tab)
    • Calendar
    • Keep
    • Tasks
    • Add-ons



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