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Countdown Timer

This countdown timer lets participants know how exactly much time remains before your meeting will begin or resume. Meeting hosts can change text and customize the pod. The timer is synchronized so participants all see the same time remaining in minutes, while the host of the meeting sees the time down to the second.

Digital Timer

 This timer is ideal for counting up (as opposed to the countdown timers) and timing your meeting, classroom or war room. It works even when the layout is changed or the room is closed.
Up Vote Draws on the power of collective intelligence to create a simple heat index tied to comment ranking. All meeting participants can submit and vote on ideas for any topic. 
 Quiz Connect Add fun to your meetings with this multiplayer trivia game for Adobe Connect.
Adobe Connect Clock An analog clock for your Adobe Connect room. Keep track of time during your meetings with this handsome timepiece and never let another meeting run late.  
 Connect Roshambo This game of Roshambo (aka: Rock, Paper, Scissors) will help you settle all of your in-meeting disputes. Any two participants can click the Player button to join a game. Each participant selects either rock, paper, or scissors. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beat paper. A reset button on the bottom is available to reset the game. 
 Doorbell Connect With this extension, meeting participants can ring a bell when they need service or when they have entered a meeting room. You can set Doorbell to automatically ring when someone has entered the room. 
 Stage Lights Stage Lights is a timer that helps keep presenters on time. The light turns from green to yellow to red based on the amount of time left. Set the duration by clicking Settings. A timer will count down how much time remains. 
 Task List Hosts and presenters can create or update a shared agenda or task list in a meeting room. Private notes can be added to each task. 
Enhanced Chat Pod This chat pod provides enhanced features that allow rich text formatting. Hosts can initiate a private chat with participants or give participant rights to enabled private chatting among themselves.
Social Stream Pod Bring Twitter and Instagram into your webinar, meeting or classroom and stream or participate in social interactivity directly from within Adobe Connect.
MP3 Player Play music in your Adobe Connect meeting room.
Word Cloud Visualize your live discussions with colorful Word Clouds. Hosts configure fonts, colors and shapes of the Word Cloud. Words with most prominence are the largest. Participants can download the Word Cloud as a PNG file.

 <Upload the SWF files into Adobe Connect's "Share Pod" for use>

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