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Question Banks


  • Within the course of choice, click on the "Quizzes" tab using the "Course Navigation"
  • Click "+ Quiz" if creating a brand new Quiz
  • Click the title of an existing Quiz if "Editing"



  • Executing via the "Quizzes" Tab still...
  • Click on the "Questions" header to switch from "Details"
  • Click on "New Question Group" to create our first "Question Bank"



  • Title the "Group"
  • Choose how many "questions and points" to present students when the Question Bank is used
  • Click "Create Group" once satisfied with the preferences to beginQuestionBanks_Canvas3.jpg
  • Click on the "+" button to add as many questions as we'd like to the "Question Bank"



*No matter how many questions we add, the number of questions presented accommodates our preference*

For Example: "Pick 1 Questions, 1 pts per questions"

 "Save and Publish" when doneQuestionBanks_Canvas8.jpg


"Preview" to confirm Satisfaction

*Notice only 1 question presented even though we created two*



*Final Result*



*Video w/ Closed Caption Coming Soon*

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