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Interested in creating a group of questions AKA Question Banks?!


Follow the steps and visuals below for success in Canvas:

  1. Within the course of choice, click on the "Quizzes" tab using the "Course Navigation"
  2. Click "+ Quiz" if creating a brand new Quiz


Click the title of an existing Quiz if "Editing"



  1. Executing via the Quizzes Tab still...
  2. Click on the "Questions" header to switch from "Details"
  3. Click on "New Question Group" to create our first "Question Bank"



  1. Title the Group
  2. Choose how many questions and points to present students when the Question Bank is used
  3. Click Create Group once satisfied with the preferences to beginQuestionBanks_Canvas3.jpg
  4. Click on the "+" button to add as many questions as we'd like to the "Question Bank"



*No matter how many questions we add, the number of questions presented accommodates our preference*

For Example: "Pick 1 Questions, 1 pts per questions"


"Save and Publish" when done



"Preview" to confirm Satisfaction

*Notice only 1 question presented even though we created two*



*Final Result*



*Video w/ Closed Caption Coming Soon*

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