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By Default; your classroom comes with a layout specifically for the whiteboard:

If creating your own layout; populate share pod with whiteboard using drop-down menu next to share my screen in the share pod.

Be sure to name your pods/layouts so that you can distinguish easily when recalling and navigating:

To recall, click on pods first. Then Hover over share and choose name of whiteboard. Look how easy it is to choose from our list because we've given pod a name:

Now that we have a whiteboard in our layout; lets explore the tools available to you and the students:

A) Pointer: Used to emphasize certain areas of the whiteboard. (Locate & click. Do NOT click and drag.)

B) Selection tool: Used to clean up whiteboard. Imagine being on your desktop and selecting multiple applications to delete and send to recycling bin. Same practice here. Click and drag to select as many doodles as possible. Once selected; press delete on keyboard or use D.

C) Utensils: Select from marker, pen, pencil and highlighter. Use I and J to adjust font.

E) Text tool: To type in text like normal; click the T and click destination of text on the whiteboard. We can type or copy & paste into text field if we'd like. Best to use "ctrl+c" for copying and "ctrl+v" for pasting. View visual below.

G & H) Undo | Redo

K) Hide drawing toolbar

L) Create new whiteboard

M) Zoom in and out

Adding shapes to your whiteboard:

*Notice that you can change the border, thickness and fill as well*

Kids want to have fun too! To enable drawing for them; use the pod options for the share pod:

Drawing on PPTs is the exact same yet you click on "draw" for toolbar instead of arrow on the left:


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