2-Step Verification for Gmail | Cyber Security

Proximity Learning Support -

<Dealing with Confidential Information and growing Daily, it's time that we lock down the Ship>


In order to protect our operations; activate 2-step verification immediately!


<Getting Started>

  1. Sign-In to @proxlearn.com email
  2. Click here to begin the activation process!

*Landing page is below*



<After Clicking Get Started>

  • "Turn On"
  1. Add Phone of choice to receive codes

*Ideally, we'd download "Google Authenticator("No Carrier Service or Wi-Fi Necessary to Receive Codes)*




<Alternative Options for Authorizing>

  1. Backup Codes
  2. Google Prompt
  3. Security key


<Nice Work Securing the G Suite>

Lastly, We strongly recommend setting up a "recovery phone/email!" Do that here.

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