Recording Live Sessions in Adobe Connect | Locating in Adobe's Main Site

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Some districts want each session recorded. Perhaps even for your own sake; you'd like to record Live Sessions in Adobe Connect. if this is the case; review visuals below:


  1. Click on "Meeting" and then choose "Record Meeting."

Give recording a "Title & Description."

Pause or stop recording at anytime:


2. We have two option for Locate recordings in Adobe Connect:

First Option: Click on "meeting" and then choose "manage meeting information." Now all you have to do is click on "recordings."

Second option:

( A) After logging into ""; click on "meetings." | B) Next, click on "shared meetings." | C) Find your subject and click on its folder. | D) Locate & choose your personal meeting room | E) Click on preferred recording. | F) Share URL to those requesting access.

*You may need to modify privacy settings from private to public for viewing purposes.* If so; review screenshots below:

By default; most recordings are private initially.

1 & 2) Select one video at a time and choose access type.

Lastly, Choose private or public. Feel free to give it a passcode as well for SOME security if you'd like. Don't forget to save.


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