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Hi There! Not able to record/upload media in Canvas using filmstrip?! Very sorry to hear that. Recent updates to Windows 10 created kink in Canvas for particular procedure. Canvas and PLI are working continuously to resolve and/or create a workaround.

Words from Canvas Support ( "'Anniversary Update' that Microsoft came out with. This has affected a number of things in Canvas if people using the software in conjunction with IE/Edge that can cause some submission issues. They would either need to download the update, or they will have to try with an alternate browser. Another problem they may run into is the run-time of their video. The media server has a max of 500Mb limit for media recorded or uploaded. This run-time is about 4-5 minutes. To be able to record yourself, you also need to have Adobe Flash Player. This should cover the main troubles you'll come across. If someone meets all of this criterion and still has issues, please let us know!" ) Contact Canvas support here.

  • For example, with Google Chrome 53.0 version, you will no longer see a Flash option. This browser will fully utilize the HTML5 feature as described in further detail in this guide.
  • Suggest using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, the latest version preferably, to make submissions for assignments. If wanting to use browsers such as Microsoft EDGE or Internet Explorer, then they will need to make sure that they have downloaded the latest Microsoft Anniversary update for Windows 10

For now, this is what we recommend:

Be sure browser is supported and up to date here.

As cyber attacks are on the rise; most browsers are phasing out Flash Player support. Reference article here. Check to see if Flash is up to date in Firefox here.

Sometimes we may "Deny" access to Flash by accident. No worries; right-click on choose "Settings." Then click on "allow." Feel free to click on webcam/mic via settings menu to test.

Also, try recording offline using default programs like "Windows Live Movie Maker and/or Audacity." Use the "voice recorder" if on Windows 10. Whichever application you do use to record; check file compatibility here.

Try switching to browser that will forever support Flash is ideal. ( Suggested browser = Puffin )

Sill having trouble?! Submit ticket here.

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