Audio not working in Adobe | Unable to communicate with Teacher

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Not able to communicate with teacher?! No further worries. Follow instructions below:

  • ALWAYS PLUG IN HEADSET BEFORE ENTERING Adobe Connect. Did you plug in headset BEFORE entering Adobe?! If not; logout and be sure headset is plugged in before logging back in.
  • Ways to ensure success (First, download Firefox , Secondly, be sure you have up to date essentials for Adobe here. Lastly, Be sure both mic & camera are "green" at top of your screen. If already green and still not working; use drop-down to select specific mic.
  • There are times where we accidentally "deny" access to flash when entering Adobe. No worries as we can right-click on Windows and allow access to Flash Player settings. Right-click in Adobe and click "Settings" to "Allow" access. On a Mac; hold "ctrl" and click. Test out mic & webcam by running the audio setup wizard. Located under "meeting" menu.
  • lastly, be sure computer is not on mute! :)

Still having trouble? No worries; let us know a day and CDT we can meet to troubleshoot. Submit ticket(s) here.

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