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How to use Arabic in Adobe Connect?!


First and foremost; obtain a preferred online Arabic keyboard or editor:

Nice work! Now, we can begin*

First, type the text of interest in Arabic and then copy & paste

  • Permissible via the "Chat Pod," "Note Pod" and "Text" featue when "Drawing."

Chat Pod ~ A) Click to activate area to paste Arabic / Press "ctrl+v" B) Press enter or click the chat bubble. C) Results

Share Pod(Whiteboard/Power Points)


< Locate the Drop-Down(Centered of the "Share Pod"). / Select Whiteboard / Click on "Draw" to enable Adobe's utensils >

  1. 1) Click "T" for "Text"
  2. 2) Click to designate placement of text(Landing Zone).
  3. 3) Paste Arabic into the textbox
    1. Press enter to finalize

*Power Point*

We DO lose SOME accuracy when converting Arabic PPTs into Adobe Connect.<Workaround: Upload as PDF >


PPT Version

PDF Version


If unsuccessful, reach support here or comment on the article.

  • We'll advise accordingly
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