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The Adobe Connect community has deemed it more difficult for Arabic use on Mac's OS opposed to Windows. We still believe you'll be successful whichever route by referencing this article.

First and foremost; we need an Arabic keyboard or editor. Don't have keyboard?! Pick from our top options below.

Arabic Keyboards Online:

Once you've attained a means to compose in Arabic; we can begin.

First, type text you'd like in Arabic and copy and paste into Adobe Connect. Do this for our Chat, Note and Share pod. View walk-through for each pod below:

  • Chat Pod ~ A) Click to activate area to paste and then press "ctrl+v" B) Press enter or click chat bubble. C) See successful post in chat pod.

Share Pod ( Both whiteboard & Power Points ):

  • Whiteboard ~ After choosing whiteboard from drop-down next to "Share my screen;" click on draw at top of Share pod. 1) Locate drawing toolbar on left-hand side and click "T" for text. 2) Select placement of text. 3) Paste Arabic into textbox and press enter.

As far as PPT's go, We DO lose SOME accuracy when converting into Adobe Connect. Only as PPT though. Now if we upload as PDF; we have no problems with jumbled text. View article here on how to save PPTs as different "type of files." Same process but pick PDF instead of ppt. Both Visuals are below to compare PPT and PDF versions using Arabic.


If still unsuccessful; reach us here or comment beneath article. We'll advise accordingly.



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