Breakout Rooms

Proximity Learning Support -

Breakout rooms are perfect for working in groups during our live sessions:

(A) Initiate by clicking on the "breakout room view" button via the Attendee Pod. (B) Organize participants into groups by clicking on their names and dragging & dropping into "breakout #". (C) When ready to begin; click on "Start breakout." *Be sure we've left no participants in the "main meeting."

Audio & video is contained within each group/breakout once the breakout begins. This restriction requires the host to make their rounds using the same drag & drop technique.

We can however from any group; "Broadcast Messages:"

Broadcasting messages: A communication technique used to notify all groups at one time if the Host. I.E. (5 minutes left to work in groups). The opposite is possible also as students may MSG the host to ask for help.


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