Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Policies

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Proximity Learning (PLI) takes the safety and wellbeing of students seriously, and complies with all relevant requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act.  Proximity Learning does not provide Internet access to students, and relies on participating schools to ensure that appropriate filtering technologies and supervision are in place on campus.  Proximity Learning strictly prohibits the posting, transmitting or disseminating harmful content on systems owed, operated, or used by PLI or by student enrolled in PLI courses.

Schools participating in PLI programs or using PLI services are required to implement CIPA policies including:

  • Measures to restrict a minor’s access to inappropriate or harmful materials on the Internet
  • Security and safety of minors using chat rooms, email, instant messaging, or any other types of online communications
  • Unauthorized disclosure of a minor’s personal information
  • Unauthorized access like hacking by minors

Proximity Learning reserves the right to discontinue services to schools which do not take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with CIPA and to protect students enrolled in PLI courses at their schools.


Proximity Learning enforces the following rules and procedures governing PLI faculty, staff, students, and systems:

  • Students must abide by the Proximity Learning Technology Acceptable Use policy, Netiquette policy, Anti-bullying policy, and all other academic and administrative policies.
  • Posting, transmitting or otherwise disseminating harmful material on Proximity Learning systems by students, teachers, administrators, or anyone else is strictly prohibited.
  • Any Proximity Learning faculty member, staff, or other employee found to have posted, transmitted or otherwise disseminated harmful material is subject to immediate termination of employment.
  • Any incidents of students posting, transmitting or otherwise disseminating harmful materials will be immediately reported to the student’s school.
  • Proximity Learning will report to the proper authorities any incident of harmful material being posted, transmitted or otherwise disseminated on a Proximity Learning system.  If PLI discovers any incidents of students being exposed to harmful materials on systems outside of PLI’s control, these incidents will be promptly reported to the proper authorities.


School administrators, students, and parents can report incidents involving harmful material to Proximity Learning at:


Phone: 1-800-524-8570

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