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Proximity Learning Classroom Policies

 Assignment policies:

Assignments should be turned in on the due date, but will be given a three-day grace period to be turned in if there are questions or concerns. If a student does not turn in an assignment he or she will receive a zero for the late work. However, at the end of each semester students will be allowed to drop two of their lowest assignment grades.

Extra credit assignments will be offered throughout the semester for students to gain more points to go toward their grade. 

If students are not able to do their tests or quizzes because of an excused absence the teacher will work with the students to reschedule.


Tutoring/makeup classes:

Friday’s are typically set up for a “flex day”.  This will include tutoring, makeup classes, or to allow students to work on overdue assignments.  The students will always have one day a week for a “flex day”.


Attendance policies:

Students will be allowed three unexcused absences per semester.  Excused absences will need to be provided to the teacher.  Students will need to login 5 days a week for both “live” class days as well as asynchronous days.  A participation grade will be given to students for each day.


Honor Code Policy:

Students will have to read and sign the Honor code at the beginning of their class. This is to ensure that students do not cheat or if they see other students cheating they will not ignore it. This will ensure students are held accountable and follow the standards of our program. The Honor code will state that any students caught cheating will receive a zero for that assignment. If students are caught cheating more than once they will receive an F in the course.


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