Proctoring Policy and Authenticity of Student Work

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Proximity Learning courses include a variety of formative and summative assessments, including student participation, coursework, projects, quizzes, tests, and exams.  The authenticity of formative assessment which takes place during live class sessions is verified through the use of webcams and real-time interaction with the online teacher.  Authenticity of asynchronous coursework and assessments are verified using technology tools and through proctoring by in-class facilitators who are physically present on campus with the students.

In order to access and complete coursework and assessments in the learning management system, students must log in using a unique username and password combination.  User activity is recorder in details system logs which can be used to help verify when, where, and how a user accessed the system, should the authenticity of a student’s work be called into question.

In-class facilitators are present in the classroom with students at all times during the regularly scheduled class period.  It is the responsibility of the in-class facilitators to monitor student behavior and notify Proximity Learning in the case that any academic impropriety is observed or discovered.

All major summative exams must be proctored by the in-class facilitator.  It is the facilitator’s duty to ensure that students take the exam at the correct time, within the time allotted, and do not cheat.  The facilitator and PLI teacher should coordinate several days in advance of all major summative assessments.  PLI teachers will usually restrict summative assessments by either specifying lockout dates for the tests in the online system, or by setting a password for the test.  The dates and passwords should be provided to the facilitator in advance.  If the facilitator does not receive the testing dates or password, they should contact the PLI teacher or school liaison.

For major substantive exams the facilitator will be provided with a Proctor Exam Form which must be completed and signed at the time the exam is administered.  If the facilitator fails to complete and sign the Proctor Exam Form, the exams will be considered invalid and the students will have to be re-tested.

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