Installing a Chinese IME in Windows 7/Vista

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There are two options to install an Input Method Editor (IME), which allows students to transcribe chinese characters using the roman alphabet. 

For example, a student can type ni3hao3 for Hello in Mandarin. When the IME is activated the output would be 你好.

The recommended IME is made by Google and can be downloaded here: Google IME for Windows

Alternatively, you can just enable the built-in IME within Windows 7/Vista made by Microsoft. The steps below will show you how to install both:

  • If installing the Google IME please follow all the steps listed except step 6 use 6a. 
  • If installing the Microsoft IME skip steps labeled G1-G6 and start at step number 1

G1. After you have downloaded the Google IME for Windows double click on the file GooglePinyinInstaller


G2. Next click the check box and click next  NOTE: It is ok if you can't read or see the characters during the installation


G3. Click both checkboxes and then next


G4. Click Next 


G5. Click the bottom checkbox


G6. Finally you should see the webpage below if the installation was successful. You still need to activate the Google IME please refer to the steps below. 


1. Go to the Control Panel by clicking on the start menu and then control panel. 


2. Next Choose "Change keyboards or other input methods


3. Now select "Change keyboards"


4. Next click on "Add"


5. Scroll down to Chinese (Simplified, PRC)


6. Click the check box next to Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input St

NOTE: If you installed the Google IME refer to step 6a


6a. Click the checkbox next to item that is labeled Google IME in the screenshot below


7. Finally now that you have enabled a new IME you will see a little EN in the bottom right of your screen.


8. Now Choose "CH Chinese (Simplified, PRC)


9. Depending on the IME you installed you will see the following in the taskbar


10. Now that an IME is installed the students will be able to type in chinese characters e.g. ni3hao3 would show up as  泥浩


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