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Welcome to your Proximity Learning course

Before beginning your Proximity Learning course, you will need to setup your computer and watch the orientation video located at the end of this article.  The instructions and download links you will need in order to setup your computer for the course are listed below.

After you have setup your computer and watched the orientation video you can access your coursework by clicking the “Login” link located in the upper right corner of the Proximity Learning homepage:

You will receive your username and password for the course from your school or in a separate email.  If you have not received a username or password, please contact Myken Caviness at:

If you have any trouble getting your computer setup, need general technical support, or just have questions about the course, please submit a support request via the following link: Submit a support ticket or send an email to

System Requirements:

  • Broadband connection (2mb/s download and 1.5mb/s upload speeds or higher recommended)  Test your Internet connection speed:  Speed Test  (Click "Begin Test"  do not click "Start Now".  If you see a "Start Now" button, just ignore it; it is an advertisement)
  • Computer with Windows or OSX operating system and at least 2GB of RAM (dual core processor or better and 4GB of RAM or more strongly recommended).
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or newer,  Mac OSX 10.7.4 or newer.
  • Chromebooks are currently supported but must be updated to the newest available version of Chrome OS.
  • Headphones or ear-buds, and a microphone (most webcams have built in mics).  A headset with built-in mic is strongly recommended for an optimum live class experience. (Headsets are typically not required for Sign Language courses)
  • Webcam

Here are links to example inexpensive headsets we recommend:

Here are links to  examples of inexpensive recommended webcams:  Logitech C270  or Logitech C310


Note:  Logitech webcams and headsets are recommended to ensure comparability and quality.  Microsoft brand headsets and webcams may work, but are not supported due to compatibility issues.


Please install and use the latest version of Firefox. This is the most reliable browser for your Proximity Learning course. Safari is also a good choice. IE10 and IE11 are supported, but may not work as well as other browsers. Older versions of Internet Explorer including IE7, IE8, and IE9 are not supported and important course features may not work with these older browsers. 

Click here to download Firefox


Note:  Chrome browser is not supported due to an incompatibility issue with live class meeting rooms.  We hope to be able to support Chrome again in the future, but for now please use Firefox, Safari, or IE11 for your Proximity Learning course.  Chromebooks and Chrome OS are supported, but not Chrome browser installed on Windows or Mac.

Browser Plug-ins:

Please install the most recent version all of the flowing required browser plug-ins:

Chinese or Japanese Input Method:

(These steps are only necessary for students enrolled in Chinese or Japanese language courses)


Instructions for enabling Japanese input on a standard US keyboard can be found at:


You must install the following Chinese input methods in order to type in Chinese characters and PinYin using a standard American keyboard.

Instructions for installing input methods for typing Chinese characters:

Extract and install the PinYin Editor (allows typing Pinyin with tone markers): 
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