Alternative Assessments and Student Contracts

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At Proximity Learning, one of our core beliefs is that all students are entitled to opportunities for meaningful learning and academic success.  As educators, we are obligated to ensure there is a path to achievement for every student who puts forth a reasonable amount of time and effort in the course.  We recognize that every student is unique and that a variety of learning styles will be present in any give class.  To address the varied learning needs of students, multiple learning paths and assessment opportunities must be available.  This extends to providing alternate assessment opportunities for students who have learning disabilities or special needs, students whose learning styles are not well suited to the standard course assessments, and students who have been given opportunities for remediation.

Teachers are given discretion in crafting appropriate alternative assessments on a case by case basis. 

New summative assessments can be created using the “Quiz” tool in Canvas LMS.  The Quiz tool allows for creation of automatically graded assessment questions including multiple-choice, matching, and true/false.  The use of automatically graded “fill in the blank” questions is discouraged, due to limitations in the system’s ability to correctly interpret student responses.  The Quiz tool also allows for the creation of teacher-graded questions, including short-answer / essay, and assessment items requiring students to submit audio/video recordings.  Teachers can include their own audio/video recordings or other multimedia content in assessment questions.  While teachers are encouraged to compose original questions for alternative assessments, the Quiz tool does allow for questions to be pulled from existing question banks and previous assignments in the course if the teacher deems this to be appropriate.

Alternative assessments and remediation activities can also be conducted using the synchronous live class platform (Adobe Connect).  Teachers can schedule times to meet with students individually to conduct a live assessment, or can use breakout rooms to meet with students or groups of students separately during a regularly scheduled live class session.

Discussion boards are another useful tool for alternative assignments, particularly if an entire class or a group of students within a class, are in need of opportunities for remediation.


For students that have fallen significantly behind in a course, mylanguage360 will provide the schools with a student/teacher contract to hold students responsible and help them to get caught up.  The contracts require students to list the assignments they will complete and the date they will have these turned in by to be graded.  The contract also requires both student and parent signatures in order to keep everyone involved with the success of this student. Once the agreed upon dates have past, the online teacher will grade the updated assignments to reflect the student’s achievements.  In the event a student does not submit the work listed in the contract, a zero will remain in the gradebook for those particular assignments.

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