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Have you ever wanted grading rules to Auto-Apply to late or missing assignments?

Using these policies in Gradebook Settings in the new Gradebook, we can do just that.



1. Access the course you want to activate these policies on.





2. Click the "Settings" button





3. Click the "Feature Options" tab



3.1 Click the "New Gradebook" slider to activate the "New Gradebook" if it is not yet active.




4. The Slider should now be checked as pictured in the image below.4.jpg


5. Click "Grades"




6. Click the "Gradebook" dropdown and set it to "Gradebook" (It may look different on different panes, make sure it is set to "Gradebook")





7. Click the Gear/Settings Icon7.jpg



8. The "Late Policies" window will appear. By filling in relevant information, new policies will take effect.





8.1 In this example the "Automatically apply grade for missing submissions" is checked and the Missing submission grade is set to 35%

After the update button is pressed, this policy will set every missing assignment to 35% automatically.




8.2 This policy adds in an auto deduction for late assignments. It was activated by checking the box next to "Automatically apply deduction to late submissions".


The values below can be set to other numbers. In the example below, the policy is set to deduct 5% a day for each late day to a lowest possible score of 40%.


If an assignment was 3 days late and perfect otherwise, it would be an 85%. If it was 21 days late, it would be a 40 as the most taken off for lateness according to the policy we just set is a 40%. You can customize your policy to act however you would like.



Through these settings you can apply policies to automatically grade late and missing assignments, removing points as you see fit.

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