How to Create Events in Canvas via the Calendar

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Create Events in Canvas

  •  Click on the calendar on the left-hand side of Canvas to open your calendar.



This is the Calendar is on January of 2018.





  •  The arrows at the top left of the calendar let us move through the months if you want to pick a day further in the future. 



  • Using this selector on the top right of the calendar, we can decide how many days for the calendar to display at once. Week for a week at a time. Month for a month at a time.





  • Once the calendar is on the page you are interested in, double click the day you want to add an event on.



  •  This is what the event pane will look like. Notice how the date is the same as the square.





  • This is an example of the event creation window all filled out. It has a title: "Greg's birthday", a date "January 4, 2018", a location "Classroom A", and it has a calendar listed: "ASL 1 (Demo)"
  • Once it is submitted, by clicking the blue rectangle at the bottom, it will be visible for all those following the calendar listed in the drop-down menu.




In the tutorial above, we created an event for "Greg's Birthday". Following the procedure, you too can create new and exciting events for your students!

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