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Looking to monitor user attentiveness?

Using the Engagement Dashboard, we can view participant interactivity.

This helps us to ensure we are engaging well with our students and keeping their attention.

It will appear like this:



Here's how to access this dashboard. (This video may be of help in following this process)

1. Presenter Only Area

  • First access "Choose meeting"
  • From there, enable the Presenter Only Area (The image below says "Disable Presenter Only" as it is already enabled on my screen. If it has not been enabled, it will read "Enable Presenter Only Area")


2. Enabling the Engagement Dashboard

  • Click into the Pods drop-down menu
  • Then click on the Engagement Dashboard





3. Utilize the Engagement Dashboard

At this point it should look something like this:


This Dashboard can be a powerful tool. 

It shows engagement level through the percentage in the middle of the meter and visually through the color-coded meter.


Green: High Engagement

Yellow: Average Engagement

Red: Low engagement


It also features Session Time and Attendee count.

To begin a new engagement monitoring session, simply click the round reset button in the upper-right corner of the engagement dashboard.


4. View individual Engagement

The engagement score works best for medium to large classes, but can also be used to focus in on and monitor specific students that require extra attention. 

Here's how!

  • Go to the top right of the attendee pod and click into the dropdown
  • From there, enable "Show Individual Engagement"





I hope this article has been helpful and will assist in further engaging your students.

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