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Hi Teachers,

Most of us are aware of the procedure in place when embedding content into Canvas from GDrive. *Inserting the embed code via the HTML Editor* Certainly the scenic route which today we can say is no longer necessary! We've activated the Google LTI in Canvas; now allowing seamless production & development. Embed content and more using the instruction & screenshots below:

Course Navigation

*Be sure to authorize by connecting your email*

*We have unlimited space in G Drive so stock up*



Anywhere the "HTML Editor" is available; we can embed files from GDrive

* Please remember to adjust our "Privacy Settings" making content "Public on the Web" before embedding*

Pages, Instructions for Quizzes & Assignments, Questions for Quizzes, Discussions, Announcements and more




*Be sure to authorize if you have not already*GoogleLTI3.png


*Once authorized; notice our selection. *Folder Path from GDrive*

  • Choose embed or link to insert
  • If we insert; take note that the link inherits the title of the file in G DriveGoogleLTI4.png

Other useful areas to leverage the Google LTI:

  • Assignments Tab (Creating assignments)
  • SpeedGrader
  • External Tools

(Trend: Authentication Failed ~ No worries! You've executed properly but the browser caught a snag. For success, clear your browser's cache and cookies) *Shortcut: Press "Ctrl+shift+Del" on keyboard in browser*


*Please email support to to cover any process using the Google LTI*



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