Creating a Calendar Invite | Google Calendar (G Suite)

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Creating a Calendar Invite








  1. Title the "event"
  2. Select a "time", "day" and "timezone"
  3. Choose "All-day" and/or "Repeat" if applicable
  4. Provide your classroom URL(Zoom) or Phone Number
  5. Choose your "calendar" of choice
  6. Add a "description" of the agenda
  7. Attach any complimentary resources
  8. Choose a color for the event
  9. Adjust notifications which reminds all guests of the event prior to the start time.
  10. Are you busy or still available during this event?
  11. Choose "Public" or "Private" for the visibility of event on your calendar
  12. Invite guests using their name or email address
  13. Don't forget to save!
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