Recording Videos in Adobe Connect | Making Offline (For Distribution)

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Great job creating a recording in Adobe Connect! Now we can evaluate our available options when it comes to distributing the videos. (1)We can easily adjust the privacy settings and send the URL( OR (2)send the actual MP4 itself!

We've chosen here to send the actual video file requiring more than just adjusting the video's privacy settings. In order to execute; follow the steps below:

  • First, locate your classroom in Adobe Connect's Admin area and click on the "Recordings" tab.
  • Secondly, even with the recording of choice to distribute; Under the "Actions" tab; click on actions.
  • Lastly, Click "Make Offline" to record & save our video(s) offline.


After clicking "Make Offline:"


Once the video is recorded offline and saved; we can distribute the recording as is via an attachment. *If the file size is not too big* To share large videos and or embed videos into Canvas though; we must first, upload recording(s) to our GDrive(s). From there, the article below will help us adjust the privacy settings and/or embed into Canvas:

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