Creating Quizzes in Canvas | Instructions, Answers & Question Banks

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To create a quiz in Canvas; follow the instructions and visuals below:

  • Open the course and access the "Quizzes" tab:


  • From the "Quizzes" tab; click on "+ Quiz" in the upper-right hand corner:


Configuring the options and settings for the quiz from the "Details" tab:

  1. Provide a title for the Quiz
  2. Include any instructions for the Quiz
  3. Choose the "Quiz Type," "Assignment Group," and other settings of interest. Most importantly, provide a "Due" date!
  4. *Keep the "Save and Publish" button in mind once complete to provide access to the students*


  1. *Switch over to the "Questions" tab to create questions for the quizzes*
  2. Click "New Question" to begin creating questions


To create and finalize questions, we must:

  1. Provide an abbreviation for the question to populate/store questions in the "Question Bank." This allows us to "Find Questions" for later use within the same course
  2. Choose the type of question using the drop-down
  3. Assign the number of possible points
  4. Compile the question literally and visually
  5. Add the possible answers
  6. To finalize each question; we must "Update Question."


*Our final step is to add this quiz to the module of our choice using the "+" button for that module* Contact support for assistance if necessary executing this final step!


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