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How to Create a Quiz on Canvas

*Follow the visuals/instructions Below*

  • Click the "Quizzes" tab


  • Click "+ Quiz" to create a new quiz
    • Feel free to click the title of an existing Quiz to "Edit"


Configuring the details

  1. Provide a title
  2. Include any instructions
  3. Choose the "Quiz Type," "Assignment Group," and other settings of interest. Most importantly, provide a "Due" date!
  4. *Keep the "Save and Publish" button in mind once complete to provide access to the students*


  1. *Switch to the "Questions" tab
    1. Create questions
  2. Click "New Question" to begin creating questions


Finalizing Questions

  1. Abbreviate the title of the each question
    1. Helps store questions for later use
  2. Choose the question type
  3. Assign the number of possible points
  4. Compile the question literally & visually
  5. Add the possible answers
  6. Lastly, click "Update Question."
    1. Questions are not saved, otherwise


*Don't forget to add the quiz(zes) tio the "Modules" where students have access*


Contact support for any assistance, executing!

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