Adobe Connect's Add-In Blocked | Adjusting Mac's Security Settings

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Not able to launch your classroom using Firefox on a Mac?! No worries! This prompt is due to Mac's security settings and the use of Flash:


Try Google Chrome or Edge as an alternative as they both have Flash built inside. To resolve for Firefox though; follow the steps below:

  • Click on the "Apple" upper-left of your desktop to open up your "System Preferences" and head to "Security & Privacy."
  • Using the "General" tab; make sure you select "Anywhere" for "Allow apps downloaded from:"
  • Can also click on "Open Anyway" for AdobeConnect to allow access and launch the Add-In using Firefox at the bottom of the General tab

*Once this is done; close Firefox and relaunch for success* Please submit a ticket with the best day and central time if issues persist and we can meet online.

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