Importing Materials in Canvas Courses

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Importing Materials


  • Open the course you wish to add the material to.
  • Click on settings from the course navigation menu.




  • Now click on Import Content on the right hand side of the page.



  • Pick the Content Type Always click on Copy a Canvas Course.




Be very careful on this next step!!

Make sure to only click on SELECT SPECIFIC CONTENT! If you click on All Content, it will transfer everything over and there will need to be a manually delete on everything. Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel the import once you click on import.



  • Click Select Content
  • Select the specific content

  • Go to the Assignments tab from the course menu and scroll down to IMPORTED ASSIGNMENTS.

  • Lastly, DRAG the assignment from the Imported Assignment Category to the desired Weighted Category.
  • Click on assignment settings (the little wheel to the right) and clicking on MOVE TO.
  • Adjust the due dates, grade points, and other settings by clicking on the assignment editing setting as well.
  • Ensure that weighted categories add to 100%.
  • Remember to add the assignment to the Modules by clicking on the "+" in a particular module. This is what makes the assignments visible to the students.


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