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For security, Proximity Learning is now SSO oriented!

<Workflows have not changed regarding access to Canvas or the action of entering via the "Live Session" URL>

*We've merely added a checkpoint for security and hopefully cleared up confusion of needing credentials to enter Adobe Connect or Zoom*



Step 1) Enter Canvas

  1. http://proxlearn.com/
  2. Click "Login" in the *upper-Right*
  3. Enter "Username" & "Password" and click "Log In"



Step 2) Entering the Live Session for Course of Choice

  • From the "Dashboard;" click on the course of interest. *So far, so good as no part of the process has changed*




  1. The "Click here to enter your Live Class session" URL is still active
  2. "Adobe Connect" is now also active in the "Course Navigation" 



<Either Route we take; we see the same SSO portal for Adobe Connect>

  • Authorize if Necessary(One Time only)
  • Confirm that my PLI teacher's "meeting room" is present
  • Click "Join" when ready to enter the live instruction
  • Notice that our Canvas username is now in the "Attendee Pod."


AdobeConnect_SSO2.jpgAdobeConnect_SSO3.jpgNo "Join" button?! Be sure to Accept our "Course Invite" via the "Dashboard!"AdobeConnect_SSO4.jpg




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