How much are teachers at Proximity learning Paid?

Teresa -

We pay our teachers by the course.  Specifically, the number of courses each teacher teaches is reflected in their pay.  There are a few variables that are considered when pay is calculated.  How many days of live teaching is required?  Classes can be two to five days of live teaching, which depends upon the specific contract signed with the school/district.  In addition, the schedule needs to be considered.  Is the class an entire school year?  Is it an entire school year to be taught over one semester in a block schedule?  Is it a semester class?  When did the class begin, the beginning of the school year or November?  Does it need to be prorated?  Is it an Asynchronous course or a “live” Synchronous course?  If it’s Asynchronous, how many students is the teacher teaching?  In addition, teachers that are writing curriculum are paid additional funds depending upon the amount of work that is required.  Various projects are often assigned to teachers for additional pay, as well.  Every teacher has a very specific and individualized pay amount and it can change throughout the school year based upon the above-mentioned factors. 

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