Embedding Content in Canvas ~ G Suite(GDrive)

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The above privilege allows us to creatively enhance our delivery when building curriculum! With the choice of embedding and/or or linking all content from G Drive; let's invigorate our Canvas instruction!


 Use the steps below to implement pictures, videos, PPTs, Word docs and more; via the "HTML Editor:"

  • Login to @proxlearn.com email
  •  Access G Drive via the "G Suite" in the upper-right corner
  • Click on "New" and then choose "File Upload"

* Keep in mind: We can also drag & drop files directly from "File Explore(Windows)" or "Finder(Mac)" into G Drive*


  • Adjust the Privacy Settings immediately after we upload as best practice
    • Select the uploaded content of choice to embed and/or link by clicking once! Next, click the paperclip to "get the shareable link:"
    • Once turned on, click on "Sharing Settings" as the default provides access within the creator's domain only



  • Adjust our Privacy Settings to "Public on the Web" if not already done via the article above
    • Click "Advanced"
    • Click "Change"
    • Choose "Public on the Web" and click "Save"




  •  After "Saving;" paste the public URL in a new tab within our browser









  • Obtain the embed code by locating "Embed Item"
    • Click the "vertical dotted line" in the upper-right corner
    • Choose "Embed Item" / *Only an option if our content has fully converted in G Drive*
    • Copy the Embed code



  • Paste into Canvas wherever the "HTML Editor" is available
    • Discussions, Content Pages, Instructions, Answers & feedback for questions, Assignments and more


  • Right-Click and choose "Paste"
  • Please Review our Embed via the "Rich Content Editor," afterward and center the content*



Embedding Content in Canvas ~ G Suite(GDrive)

Video Tutorial

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