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Did YOU know that Proximity Learning has unlimited space in our G Drive?!

*News Flash*

The above privilege allows us to creativley enhance our delivery when building curriculum! With the choice of embedding and/or or linking all content from G Drive; let's invigorate our Canvas instruction!



Use the steps below to implement pictures, videos, PPTs, Word docs and more; via the "HTML Editor:"

Step 1) Login to @proxlearn.com email

Step 2) Access G Drive via the "G Suite" in the upper-right corner

Step 3) Click on "New" and then choose "File Upload"

* Keep in mind: We can also drag & drop files directly from "File Explore(Windows)" or "Finder(Mac)" into G Drive*


Step 4) Adjust the Privacy Settings immediately after we upload as best practice

  • Select the uploaded content of choice to embed and/or link by clicking once! Next, click the paperclip to "get the shareable link:"
  • Once turned on, click on "Sharing Settings" as the default provides access within the creator's domain only



Step 5) Adjust our Privacy Settings to "Public on the Web" if not already done via the article above

  • Click "Advanced"
  • Click "Change"
  • Choose "Public on the Web" and click "Save"





Step 6) After "Saving;" paste the public URL in a new tab within our browser*









Step 7) Obtain the embed code by locating "Embed Item"

  • Click the vertical dotted line in the upper-right corner
  • Choose "Embed Item" / *Only an option if our content has fully converted in G Drive*
  • Copy the Embed code



Step 8) Paste into Canvas wherever the "HTML Editor" is available

  • Discussions, Content Pages, Instructions, Answers & feedback for questions, Assignments and more


  • Right-Click and choose "Paste"
  • Please Review our Embed via the "Rich Content Editor," afterward and center the content*



<Embedding Content in Canvas ~ G Suite(GDrive) Video Tutorial>

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